БУ-принтер гораздо хуже БУ-бабы. БУ-бабе износу нет, опыт плюсом и картриджи сама меняет.
The current natural order of things for hosting user-generated content is this: Disenfranchise. Demean. Delete.

Disenfranchise. Cut off any amount of support or awareness by users of their environment and what they are putting their lives into.

Demean. When a site falls out of favor, act like it’s an electronic ghetto, not worth consideration as a valid entity. Think Friendster, orkut, myspace, geocities and a dozen others. Say their name in the company of people who understand the technical issues, and they snort. For a lot of people, these sites are parties, and the party is over.

Delete. Give a random amount of warning, and I mean, it really is completely arbitrary and made up, and then delete, with no recourse, nobody to ask for a copy, nobody to contact to retrieve your lost data, your husband’s history, your child’s photos. I’ve seen periods as long as a year and as short as 48 hours. There’s nothing, no standardization, no agreed upon procedure for decommissioning these sites. It’s all just being made up as it goes along.

Somewhere around now, people start using phrases with me like business, profit, how the world works. This isn’t about business. This is about understanding that user data is a trust, a heritage, history. And because we’ve turned it into just another thing just as millions and millions are going online, the disasters will keep coming.

So until this gets straightened out, before we stop blowing smoke in babies’ faces, we have ad-hoc solutions like Archive Team.

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